Do you own or manage the administrative, commercial building or a shopping center? So, you may consider a vending business as an additional source of income and an inflow of visitors. To make it real we need only 1 sq. m. of space which we can rent for installation of our kiosk with a free access for everyone, who wish to use MyCopy services.

MyCopy is a vending machine with the main functions such as:
– automatic laser black and white (up to 43 pages per minute) and color (up to 27 pages per minute) print, including two-sided A4 format, via wi-fi or USB;
– copy of documents, photographs or other images in black and white as well as in color;
– scan documents or images with a digital copy on USB.

Also, MyCopy contains such additional functions as:
– fast printing of photos 10×15 cm, 15×15 cm and 15×20 cm on glossy or matte photo paper;
– automatic printing in A3 format.

However, our vending machine is not only about printing. Our partners always have an option to add more functions to the device:


on the desktop and on the additional display


templates of various documents and forms, applications, tourist maps with a possibility to print them.


fast print on plastic card or magnet

A small space that our company could rent will give you the opportunity to provide a new service. Moreover, our active online promotion of every installed kiosk will attract more new visitors and potential customers to your area. The entire technical and service issues are always undertaken by our team, which will make sure that your customers are satisfied.

Where to install ?

Schools, universities, dormitories

Shopping centers, train stations, airports

Public service institutions

Embassies and consulates

Do you have questions?

Contact us and we will be glad to provide you all necessary information.